Restorative Yoga requires a lot of props. Most often you can practice with just a bolster and a blanket. If you don’t have those, you can use everyday items you have in your home, to support your practice. We wrote an article about Prop Alternatives a while ago. You can find it here.

But sometimes you need more than a bolster and a blanket. Sometimes your body needs more support to find complete and total relaxation. That’s why we created more specialized props.

If you already have a bolster (or pillows) and a blanket and you practice Restorative Yoga at least once a week, you may want to add some items to your yoga toolbox. My current favourite trifecta of props is our Buckwheat Hull Pillow, a Mini Weighted Blanket and an Eye Pillow

Making the Most of the Restorative Yoga Prop Trifecta

We recommend you use these yoga props and anything else you want to support your body however it needs it most. Experiment and be playful. Try lots of combinations and variations of supported poses until you find what feels best. And remember that our needs changes every day.

The Best Restorative Yoga Props

Sweet Savasana

  • Place Buckwheat Hull Pillow under your head as you lay down.
  • Drape the Eye Pillow over your eyes.
  • Pull the Mini Weighted Blanket up to cover your upper body.

Legs Up The Wall with a Weighted Blanket

Weighted Legs Up The Wall

  • Roll up the Mini Weighted Blanket and place on your feet as you extend your legs up the wall.
  • Place Buckwheat Hull Pillow under your head.
  • Cover your eyes with the Eye Pillow.

How to do Bananasana with yoga props

Yummy Bananasana

Lay on your back towards the left side of your mat. Think about making your body shaped like a banana while keeping your bum where it is.

  • Cross left ankle over right ankle and rest the right heel on the Buckwheat Hull Pillow and the feet reach to the right side of the mat.
  • Pull the Mini Weighted Blanket onto your left thigh to ground you.
  • Reach arms overhead. Right hand grabs left wrist and pulls the upper body towards the right. Rest the knuckles or wrist of the right hand on your Eye Pillow.

How Yoga Props Help With Relaxation

These props will support your body in all the right ways. With the help of yoga props we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation because the body is supported without any pain or strain. When our body feels fully supported our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated which fosters a relaxation response to reduce the stress levels in our body. The PSNS controls bodily functions what you are at rest. Digestion, heart rate and lung function are all improved when PSNS are activated in rest. When your internal organs are functioning at their best, the body softens and releases.

Why We Love Our Specialized Restorative Yoga Props

Buckwheat Hull Pillow

BWH Pillow originated in Japan over 600 years ago. Buckwheat Hulls are loved for their cooling properties, moldability and being free of toxic chemicals.

We especially love them for their moldability. My favourite use is as a pillow in any yoga pose that requires us to lay on our back or side. They can be molded to your head and neck to support your spine staying as neutral and comfortable as possible.

Bonus uses for the Buckwheat Hull Pillows

  • Reading Pillow – fit perfectly at the top of your bedframe to cradle your head while reading.
  • Laptop Pillow – because hulls are naturally cooling and airy, placing your laptop on a Buckwheat Hull Pillow on your lap will help avoid over-heating.
  • Restorative Yoga Wedge – cram the pillow into any places that need extra cushioning or support

Mini Weighted Blankets

Deep pressure stimulation is thought to stimulate the production of serotonin (mood-boosting hormone), decreases cortisol (the stress hormone) and increases melatonin (the sleep hormone). The light pressure of a Mini Weighted Blanket signals the parasympathetic nervous system to help keep you calm.

I love using a Mini Weighted Blanket over my upper body while in savasana (or any supine yoga pose). When I fully surrender to the weight, I can feel my body melt. I can feel the stress melting away, too!

Bonus uses for Mini Weighted Blankets

  • Travel Companion – place a weighted blanket on your lap if you get nervous or motion sickness when travelling by car, train, bus or airplane.
  • Strength Training – roll or fold it and use in place of dumbbells for bicep curls, one arm rows, bridge lifts or added weight on your back while planking or doing push-ups.
  • Heated Blanket – turn your oven to 250 degrees, remove the cover and place the blanket inner on a baking tray for 10 - 15 minutes. (never leave unattended) Put the cover back on and wrap yourself in a huge all-natural heating pad.

Flax & Lavender Eye Pillow

One of our most popular items for a good reason. Eye Pillows help to block out light and distraction while laying in any restorative yoga pose. The added weight stimulates the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system. This gives the body further permission to relax the neck, shoulders, heart, chest and stomach.

Bonus uses for Eye Pillows

  • Natural Headache Relief – smelling lavender is said to help relieve headaches and migraines.
  • Relief for Tired & Puffy Eyes – store your Eye Pillow in the freezer and use it to help reduce puffiness, bags and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Noise Dampener – use it as an “iPillow” under your phone to dampen the sound of your phone when it vibrates.

We hope you find comfort and ease while being supported by our yoga props and accessories. If you need more info, check out more blog posts below. 

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