The Ultimate Restorative Yoga Prop Trifecta - Love My Mat

The Ultimate Restorative Yoga Prop Trifecta

Find deep rest and relaxation with 3 Restorative Yoga Props to add to your tool box.
Sustainable Self Care Bundle Gifts

Supporting Self Care

3 ways to practice self care with our Limited Edition Self Care Package. On sale for a limited time only.
Fall Yoga Routine with yoga props

Falling Back in Love with Yoga

Using yoga, props and routine to fall back in love with yoga and yourself this fall. Ideas and suggestions for making the most out of your "me time"
Eye Pillow to help you sleep in savasana

Final Resting Pose - Corpse Pose for Bedtime

Sleeping in savasana has many benefits for your body. Consider laying in corpse pose for bedtime to improve your sleep and overall health.